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Tall Tales

Tall Tales from Western Trails


By Jackson ‘Buck’ James

Keerful, now - Don’t believe everything ya read in print.

here's a brief into to my anthology of short stories:


The stories in this journal were related to me by an old fellow name of Jackson ‘Buck James, who lived the life and times described in these chronicles.  Buck was a lover of life and a storyteller, par excellence …. which means it didn’t ever take much to get him into a storytelling frame of mind.  He collected stories like some people collect stamps or sports memorabilia.  Buck’s memorabilia is all about life in the early days of settling the western territories. He avows that these events actually happened and, to a point, I believe him, although some of these tales may be a little ‘taller’ than others.  Their veracity, dear reader, I leave to you to decide.     -   Editor


Table of Contents:

Page 2             Harvey Miner and the Toad

Page 11           The Inheritance of Daisy Pearl

Page 26           The Hauntin’ of Curley Joe, Part 1     [as told by Curley]

Page 42           The Hauntin’ of Curley Joe, Part 2    [as told by the Ghost]


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