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December  January 
Thursday, Dec 5:  Acrylic Pour  @Corbett Studio  @9am  Thursday, Jan 2:  Acrylic Pour  @Corbett Studio  @9am 
Friday, Dec 6:  Cardinal Window  @Corbett Studio  @9sm  Friday, Jan 3:  Majestic Peaks  @Corbett Studio  @9am 
Saturday, Dec 7:  Christmas Window  @Corbet Studio  @9am  Saturday, Jan 4:  Arizona Desert  @Corbett Studio  @9am 
Tuesday, Dec 10:  Winter Trail  @Canyon Vistas  @8:30am  Tuesday, Jan 7:  Copper Kettle  @Corbett Studio  @9am 
Friday, Dec 13:  Deer in the Birchwoods  @Carriage Manor  @8:30am  Wednesday, Jan 8:  Dock on the Bay  @Corbett Studio  @9am 
Saturday, Dec 14:  Winter Trail  @AL P&R Multi-Gen Center  @8:30am  Friday, Jan 10:  Winter Walk  @Carriage Manor  @8:30am 
Tuesday, Dec 17:  @Corbett Studio  @9am  Saturday, Jan 11:  Twin Birches  @AJ P&R  Multi-Gen Center  @8:30am 
Friday, Dec 20:  Winter Trail  @Corbett Studio  @0am  Tuesday, Jan 14:  Full Moon over the Water  @Canyon Vistas  @8:30am 
Saturday, Dec 21:  @Corbett Studio  @9am  Wednesday, Jan 15:  Wolf Watcher  @Corbett Studio  @9am 
Friday, Dec 27:  @Corbett Studio  @9am  Friday, Jan 17:  @Lost Durchman  @8:30am
Saturday, Dec 28:  @Corbett Studio  @9am  Saturday, Jan 18:  Special Project  @Corbett Studio  @9am 
Tuesday, Jan 21:  @Caliente RV Resort (Florence)  @8:30am 
Wednesday, Jan 22:  Cowboy Contemplation  @Corbett Studio  @9am 
Thursday, Jan 23:  @La Hacienda RV Resort  @9am 
Friday, Jan24:  Rendezvous in the Rain  (palette knife)  @Corbett Studio  @9am
Saturday, Jan 25:  Acrylic Pour  @AJ P&R  Multi-Gen Center  @8:30am 
Sunday, Jan 26:  Corbett Studio Open House  @Corbett Studio 
Tuesday, Jan 28:  Daisy Vase  @Corbett Studio  @9am
Wednesday, Jan 29:  River's Peace  @Corbett Studio  @9am 
Thursday, Jan 30:  Mosaic Weave  @Corbett Studio  @9am 
Friday, Jan 31:  @Queen Valley  @8:30am