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            Three Pots, Studio                               SouthWest Pottery                          Red Door                             Blue Window                        Prickly Pear Flower


 Red Hibiscus, Studio                             SouthWest Gate                                    Morning Glow                                     A Walk in the Woods                         Wilderness Serenity 


          Cottage by the Lake                          Wooded Stream                                    Desert Blooms                                    Desert Vista                 Lightning o'er Superstitions  


                    Twin Birches                                  Cowboy Boots                             Peralta Trail                                            Way Station                                O' Great Spirit 


            Secluded Campsite                             Seaside Sunrise                             Mt. Rainier                    Grand Teton Reflections                       Red Barn, Studio 2/25


               Path thru the Woods                           CountrySide Stream                         Sunset Mountains